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James Sherwood’s Menswear Ten Commandments

James Sherwood’s Menswear Ten Commandments

It’s awfully cliché to say so, but what the hell: James Sherwood literally wrote the book on Savile Row. In fact, this noted sartorial historian wrote two seminal texts dissecting menswear’s most hallowed street — Bespoke: The Men’s Style of Savile Row and The London Cut: Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring (the latter the guide to an iconic international exhibition of British tailoring, which Sherwood curated in 2008).

Also the author of classic men’s style educational tome The Perfect Gentleman, it’s fair to say that James’s menswear wisdom is quite beyond compare. Herewith, the dictates he abides by in order to attain and maintain the impeccable style for which he’s renowned.

10. “Always make sure your sex life is busier than your ties, socks or knitwear.”

9. “Investing in bespoke suits is a major incentive to stay trim.” 

8. “If you are of a rakish persuasion, trousers are always the first part of a suit to suffer collateral damage. Order two pairs.”

7. “In the event of a mid-life crisis, change your physique, not your wardrobe.”

6. “Novelties belong in crackers not on French cuffs. Seriously smart cuff links are no laughing matter.”

5. “A chukka boot in black or tan leather is the Paris Hilton of a man’s formal wardrobe. It goes with anything.”

4. “In an urban environment, underdressing will always leave a man more open to criticism than overdressing.”

3. “Like fast food, fast fashion is for youth who aren’t yet old enough to know better.” 

2. “Consistency is reassuring. If you have a signature — a particular attache, preferred colour for overcheck or tie maker — stick to it.”

1. “It is always a false economy to order champagne by the glass.” 


James Sherwood’s latest published work, The Discriminating Guide to London, is available now (and highly recommended to anyone wishing to explore that citys better establishments).

Main image courtesy of George Garnier: georgegarnier.com

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