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Ston Tantraporn’s Menswear Ten Commandments

Ston Tantraporn’s Menswear Ten Commandments

Recently appointed deputy editor of Thai Vogue, having previously held top editorial roles at L’Optimum and L’Officiel Thailand, Ston Tantraporn is one of Southeast Asia’s foremost style experts — and exports, his dandyish ensembles catnip to the street style snappers at the Paris and Milano shows.

Here Ston dishes #menswear wisdom on when to break the rules, when to take a more conservative approach, and why good manners are more important than any tailored garment.


10. “Suits were not invented to keep you warm — their core function is to make you look a million bucks. ‘Know thyself’ is still the up-to-date mantra, so study your figure and match it with the right type of tailored cut.”

9. “It’s the 21st century, gentlemen, so please forget about those dinosaur gender symbols. From floral shirts to Hermès silk scarves to sweet fragrances, there’s nothing more ‘manly’ than having the confidence to confound expectations and do exactly as you wish.”

8. “An addendum to the gender point above: make-up is still not suitable for men. Unless you are Korean.”

7. “When it comes to the pocket square, hand-rolled silk or linen are the best options. Create your own ways of folding it and do not let anyone teach you how to fold it ‘properly’, since there is no one ‘correct’ way... Not Astaire’s. Not Kennedy’s. Not Bond’s. Just your style.”

6. “Judge harshly whosoever tries to tell you that a pocket square must match the tie.”

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5. “Co-ordinate your socks with your shoes, not trousers, and most importantly learn how to do shoes-sans-socks when relaxation allows.”

4. “A tie bar should sit comfortably within the width of necktie, while a bowtie should not be broader than your jawline. Sorry, Alber, not everyone is as cute as you!”

3. “Discreet cufflinks reflect a gentleman’s subtlety and where he comes from. Let those Mini Coopers drive on the road, not on the wrists.”

2. “When it come to psychology and image consulting, blue is considered to be the colour that best helps men achieve success in the job interviewing room, as it reflects honesty and hardworking diligence.”

1. “Manners must match your outfit. Always. There is no point wearing Liverano & Liverano but being a douchebag.”

Ston recently launched his own signature men’s accessories range, Byston. To peruse its exuberant, elegant goods, click here

Photograph by Onin Lorente 

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