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The 10 Best Men’s Hairstyles Ever

The 10 Best Men’s Hairstyles Ever

In the market for a new do, gentlemen? Whether your locks are long, medium, short or barely there, the barnets sported by these iconic individuals will provide ample inspiration on your next trip to the snipper. (We recommend trusting your tresses to Truefitt & Hill, Trumpers, Brent Pankhurst or Carmello Guastella.) 

10. The Thomas Crown of Hair
Grown-out crew cut, neat Caesar, call it what you will — Steve McQueen’s hairstyle in The Thomas Crown Affair is as evergreen as those dollar bills there. So, so money. 

9. The Need for Pomade
Neat and tidy, but ruffled like Goose’s feathers, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun cut has been a staple in barbers’ arsenals since the eighties. 

8. The Northwestside Part
Cary Grant’s signature sleek side-parting is the Platonic ideal of classic men’s hair styling. A timeless failsafe. 


7. The Mod Like Jagger
Not quite what we’d call long these days — but long enough to cover the ears and muffle the sound of all the girls screaming for you. Shagtastic. 

6. The Remington Style
Pierce Brosnan’s coif in his breakout 1980s TV starring role is an elegant mix of business and yuppified pleasure. 

5. The Lizard Kink
For the longhaired lad, emulating the luscious wavy locks of Doors troubadour Jim Morrison is always a good idea. Alright, yeah. 

4. The Prezidential
Elvis was a hero to most — in no small part, thanks to his impeccable, eminently emulatable quiff. (Fun fact: The King was actually a natural blond. Who’da thunk it, mama?)

3. The Lenny Chimera
For the man who’s always on the run, Lenny Kravitz’s afro-dread mash-up here is the perfect reggae-rock hybrid. 

2. The Pitt Clip
Endlessly copied at present, Brad Pitt’s slick militaristic undercut in 2014 film Fury is a commanding do for the man utterly in charge of his life, and his locks.  

1. The Brynner Skin-up
The only way to recession-proof your pate? Take it all off, baby. A proud, bold course of action for the fella afflicted with male pattern baldness — or the gentleman looking for the ultimate in low-maintenance styling. 

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