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The Top 10 Most Stylish Men of STAR WARS

The Top 10 Most Stylish Men of STAR WARS

When the STAR WARS films arrived in the late 1970s, attire-wise, they broke entirely with sci-fi cliché, casting off the glittery skin-tight jumpsuits that had previously been the stock-in-trade of futuristic storytelling for costumes influenced — much like the movies’ plot lines — by spaghetti western and samurai / martial arts flicks. 

The sartorial force was strong indeed, and STAR WARS’ influence can be felt in countless fashion houses’ collections through to the present time.

Here, in honour of May the 4th, we list the top 10 most stylish male characters to appear in the seven STAR WARS movies produced thus far — and take a punt at the real-world designers they might patronise were they to land on earth today. 

10. Boba Fett
Killer with a twist, this bad-ass bounty hunter proves that stealthily tracking rebel scum needn’t mean fading into the background. To the contrary, with his multicoloured Paul Smith-style garb, Fett forges a bold, Luke-at-me aesthetic.

9. Chewbacca
His unapologetically hirsute appearance making a macho statement against effete manscaping and the protestations of Peta, the Wookiee would doubtless favour the fur-filled finery of Fendi.

8. Senator Bail Organa
The adoptive father of Princess Leia, Senator Organa’s style is statesmanlike, the intergalactic equivalent of the grey flannel suit beloved of conservative politicians the world over. Brooks Brothers would be his chosen terrestrial haberdashery.

7. Obi Wan Kenobi
For this suave Jedi master, comfort and ease of movement are key, his predilection for layering lush textiles in neutral tones making Brunello Cucinelli an apt choice of earthly clothier.

Luisa via Roma (US)

6. General Hux
The First Order General works a tailored, trim, monochrome minimalist look echoed by Prada’s classic menswear offering — perfect for the ambitious young up’n’comer.

5. Kylo Ren
With an uncompromising, iconoclastic, moody temperament, and a taste for flowing black garments, the patricidal Sith Lord could easily fall prey to temptation in a Yohji Yamamoto boutique.

4. Lando Calrissian
Rakish entrepreneur Calrissian is as unafraid of colour and pattern as he is of defying the almighty Empire. Coming down from the clouds, this dandy rogue would doubtless gravitate to Etro.

3. Han Solo
A hipster gunslinger in the old-school mould (and occasionally, a carbon encasing), Han’s love of rugged distressed retro gear with a tailored silhouette would be beautifully catered to at RRL.

2. Darth Vader
Gothic sadomasochistic leather-fetish chic (hell, Vader’s even got the full-face mask and heavy breathing going) — this guy has Rick Owens written all over him. Search your feelings, you know it to be true…

1. Luke Skywalker
One of the Star Wars universe’s most diversely dressed individuals (a quality he must’ve gotten from his flamboyant mom, Amidala — it certainly didn’t come from dour Vader), Luke’s style would be best replicated across Giorgio Armani’s eclectic lines, the unstructured nature of which would allow for that all-important ease of sabre-play and acrobatic Sarlacc escapism. 

Best Accessorisation Bonus Pick: Jabba the Hutt
The corpulent toad-eating crime boss may have had little opportunity for sartorial expression, but displayed a mastery of accessorisation by attaching a bikini-clad princess to his fob chain.

Fashion Victim Bonus Pick: The Stormtroopers
Black-and-white clad conformists, simpletons easily swayed by mind tricks, in our world, these mindless drones would inevitably march en masse to Hood By Air.

Luisa via Roma (US)
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