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Kyle Ridington’s Menswear Ten Commandments

Kyle Ridington’s Menswear Ten Commandments

His taste in attire just as exquisite as his discrimination in fine wines, the sommelier at brilliant New York restaurant Piora, Kyle Ridington was officially dubbed Best Dressed Somm 2015 by US GQ magazine. (We met when, dining at his restaurant, he recognised me as the former editor-in-chief of The Rake — so the man’s taste in reading material is also clearly top shelf.)

The mastermind behind bubbly advocacy initiative Champagne Made Me Do It, here Kyle uncorks and decants some deliciously vintage style advice. When it comes to menswear, this gifted nose knows the score. 

10. “If you wouldn’t invite your tailor to your wedding, time to find a new tailor.”

9. “I wear a white shirt and a white pocket square with all my suits because I’m lazy.”

8. “Loafers always, socks never.”

7. “Invest in handmade three-fold neck ties with texture. A Half Windsor knot will do.”

6. “Avoid wearing Apple EarPods like the plague.”

5. “If asked to cook dinner, take off your suit jacket, roll up your sleeves and put on an apron.”

4. “Don’t slouch. For me, a bespoke garment imparts good posture.”

3. “A cotton suit for the spring and summer is a requirement. The way it shapes and wrinkles during a day’s wear is all too alluring.” 

2. “Never unbutton your shirt collar and loosen your tie. It’s reckless demeanor.”

1. “I choose Champagne in any environment under any circumstance. It won’t stain my teeth — or my clothes.”

Pay Kyle a visit at Piora, where the planet’s best-dressed sommelier presides over an impeccable 300-label wine list, providing myriad amazing matches to the inventive Korean/Italian/Modern American cuisine on offer. www.pioranyc.com/ 430 Hudson St NY. Ph: +1 212 960 3801

Kyle tweets @KyleRidington

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