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Christian Barker’s Menswear Ten Commandments

Christian Barker’s Menswear Ten Commandments

For the inaugural entry in our ongoing series of men’s style dictates from leading international sartorial authorities, MEN’S TOP TENS editor Christian Barker reveals the rules he follows in order to remain dapper, day in, day out. 

10. “My father’s advice on pocket squares: Don’t fuss about. Just shove it in there.’ Applies to many aspects of life, I think.”

9. “Good, thick woven silk ties are the business. Neither formal nor informal, summery or wintery — and extremely wrinkle resistant, they’re perfect for travel anywhere, and wearing anytime.”

8. “You can never have too many white shirts. Fine cotton for formal and business, linen for casual, and oxford cotton button-downs for almost anything, really.”

7. “Don’t be afraid of pink. Man up.”

6. “Fly with a navy blazer and one of the aforementioned woven ties in your carry-on, and even if your suitcase goes astray, nip out to shop for a few basics, and you’ll be sorted for most occasions.”

5. “Avoid the too-short suit jackets currently en vogue. As a wise man once said: ‘Like a good lawyer, a good suit should always cover your ass.’”

4. “Don’t buy things simply because they’re on sale. The most expensive garment is the one you never wear.”

3. “Invest in quality and spend as much as you can on the perennials — classic grey and navy suits, quality black and brown shoes. They should serve you beautifully for decades.”

2. “If you can only afford one good, proper watch, I say go for a Rolex Explorer I. It’ll take you everywhere from skinny-dipping in the Maldives to black-tie ballin’ in Monaco.”

1. “Wear the pants: Red, pink, orange, yellow, white, paisley, tartan, patch madras — go bold in the trouser department. Never a bad idea to draw attention below the belt, is it?”

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Photographs by Andy Barnham.

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