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Kevin Seah’s Menswear 10 Commandments

Kevin Seah’s Menswear 10 Commandments

Kicking off his career as a man of the cloth at age 17, apprenticing for one of Singapore’s old-school master tailors, over the past two decades, Kevin Seah has built a reputation as one of Southeast Asia’s top purveyors of bespoke menswear.

Combining precise craftsmanship with an adventurous designer’s eye for colour and pattern, Singaporean perfectionism with an Anglophile’s love of heritage, his suiting is an east-meets-west, mod-trad mash-up — truly, the best of both worlds. 

Below, the straight-talking tailor details his philosophies on good living, and even better dressing. 

10. “A successful man never lets a failure fuck up his life. Curse and swear and move on to new heights.”

9. “Have a positive mind. Be confident. Haters? Kan ni na…*”

8. “A man should have an abundance of well-made bespoke shirts, suits and shoes. It’s never enough.”

7. “White wine with seafood. Red wine with red meat. Dessert, coffee and finish with a cigar.”

6. “The woman in your life now will define how you live in future. Choose wisely.”

A selection of Kevin Seah bespoke coats.

5. “Going to the right tailor always provides enormous pleasure. Spend your money going on a date, and there’s no guarantee how things will turn out. (A good suit will help increase your chance of success, though.)”

4. “Truth: A good pair of shoes will get you places.”

3. “A real man is never afraid of wearing colourful tailoring. Pink? Purple? Powder blue? Can!”

2. “Don’t know something? Google it! No excuse. Knowledge is power.”

1. “Why worry when you should eat, drink and be merry?”

Visit the Kevin Seah atelier at 55B/C Boat Quay, Singapore, to discuss a bespoke commission or peruse the array of ready-to-wear, fine shoes and unique accessories on offer. Take an advance gander at the goods at kevinseah.com

*Often uttered in Singapore, the phrase ‘kan ni na’ is a colourful, NSFW Hokkien exclamation, the translation of which may be found by clicking here

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