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10 Ways to Ace Double Denim

10 Ways to Ace Double Denim

Double denim ensembles get a bad rap. While it is pretty easy to misfire — think Timberlake and Britney in their memorably eye-watering ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ head-to-toe jeanswear at the 2001 AMAs — it’s very possible to pull off a terrific top’n’bottom denim look if you know what you’re doing. It’s pretty durn tricky, though. There aren’t hard and fast rules like in most areas of menswear. Some say the two pieces of denim should be vastly different shades — one raw indigo selvedge, the other worn in and washed out, say. Others reckon you should match the two as closely as possible. There’s no strict science to it.

Here we present 10 examples of dope double denim done in a wide variety of styles. Take inspiration. Give it a try. But if you’re not sure you’ve hit the sweet spot, perhaps best to forget this next-level style stance altogether and swap the whole thing out for the can’t-fail safety of a suit, or the ever-faithful jeans and navy blazer. (Proper silver-button blazer though, yo — no slick suit jackets, Mack.) Double denim is risky business. Expert territory. No-one will blame you for chickening out. Better you do if there’s even the slimmest chance of Timberlake-style carnage ensuing. Proceed at your own risk, people... 

10. Ranch-style Dressing from Ralph Lauren

9. Black Steel, Black Denim with Chuck D.

8. Light & Easy with Yeezy

7. Cool Blues with Steve McQueen

6. Chest to Impress with James Dean


5. Head-to-Toe Tailored with Andrew Lauren

4. Rocking the Penitentiary with Elvis Presley

3. Punk Chic with Debbie Harry

2. Pristine Indigo in the Snow with Gianni Agnelli

1. Hud-core Cowboy with Paul Newman

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